you are invited to 'MERSEYBETA' by the artist Tom Walker on the 29th of July at 1900 at 25 Shafton Lane in Holbeck, Leeds.

'The Enlightenment never went away, the points of contestation changed.' - Dan Smith

"Join Tom Walker for one night only on a radical journey under the Umbrella as he explores the role of the Enlightenment in Liverpool's history and its potential to shape its future. From the commissioning of the Titanic to buildings that look like cruise liners, this Chelsea graduate follows echoes of the Utopian impulse throughout the literature and cinema of Science fiction as he strives to resolve the conflict between idea and application through hopeful counter narratives of undiscovered histories and imagined futures for the city. Using themes and ideas developed through close collaboration between artists Tom Walker and Alan Jones, MERSEYBETA acts as an extension to a series of exhibitions curated by the two artists that unpick and reposition the thresholds between art, science and progress, relentlessly pitting the relationship between science and meaning against the frameworks of history and ideology in order to present the viewer with a useful, resistant and hopeful realm of impulses."

this is the fourth exhibition in the 'One-Offs' series