you are invited to 'Please Don't Make Me…' by the artist Huw Andrews on the 1st of July at 1900 at 25 Shafton Lane in Holbeck, Leeds.

"Please Don't Make Me… responds to things you do but don't really know why. I've decided to share and ridicule a self-imposed ban on Top Gear; a television show I could sit in front of but didn't know why. The format, the filters, the bravado, the `witty' xenophobia and the flowery shirts are used in every show, even watching a new episode is like watching a repeat. In following one of the show's few entertaining predictabilities, the challenge, I will produce Please Don't Make Me… in less than a week. Through video, audio, drawing, floor-based and three-dimensional works, I will mark the stage I currently occupy; producing scratch exhibitions and applying for jobs I don't even want to do."

this is the first exhibition in the 'One-Offs' series